Conflict Communications

5263 Claremont Ave, Oakland CA, 94618

Friday 02/18/2011 18:30-21:00, Saturday 02/19/2011, 18:00-20:30

Developed in partnership with Marc MacYoung, ConCom gets at the roots that underly interpersonal conflict.  Humans are social primates and in almost every interaction there are ancient, scripted, tribal mechanisms that are triggered-- not just in the other person but in ourselves as well.  And we don’t see them because they are so deeply embedded.  ConCom will show you why and how these mechanisms work; how to tell when you are trapped on a script, how to step off the script and how to engage other people.

Will it work all the time?  Nothing does.  But everything works better in a tense situation if you know what is going on and how to regain control of your own emotions...especially when the monkey in the back of your head is screaming that you ARE being reasonable.

It is useless to try to de-escalate another angry person unless you de-escalate yourself first.

Who needs this?  We originally intended this for cops, because that’s the world we know best and the world we tested it in: High intensity, high stakes and not much time.  What blew us away was the feedback from the first test classes:

“This explains everything going wrong in my office right now.”

“THAT’s why my wife and I have the same argument again and again.”

If you deal with dangerous, violent people you need this class.  If you deal with people, you can use this class.

To register: send an email to

Early registration deadline: 01/31. Price: $90 (Early: $70)

Payment or pre-payment:

by paypal to

The space is limited. Please reserve your spot early. You may chose to register and pay at the door but do this only if you are sure you will come.

Any questions, contact Mariusz at


  1st Day, the Clean Day:

  1. Drill down stuff from last 2 seminars

  2. Efficient movement

  3. Elements of self-defense

  4. Counter-ambush or counter sucker-punch techniques

  5. Self-defense law

  6. Violence dynamics

  7. 2nd day: Concrete, Dirt and Barstools:

  8. Improvised weapons

  9. Environmental fighting

  10. Ground brawling

  11. Group fighting

  12. Scenario based training.

You can sign up for either day or both days. Mariusz is also giving a discount to anyone who wants to attend both the brawling and the ConCom sessions, but that will be a long-assed training day.

Do not sign up for Day 2 unless you have already attended (or will attend this session’s) Day 1.  I won’t have time to get you caught up on force law.  The culmination of Day 2 are scenarios where you will need to explain your actions both tactically and legally to a peer jury.

To register (this is from Mariusz’ flier, slightly edited):

Send an email to and add yourself to a FB page of the event (optional).

Early Bird registration deadline: 01/31.

Price: We do our best to keep the cost to minimum.

$150 (early bird: $130).

Special Price If you enroll into both seminar tracks: $210 (Early bird $185). If you attended previous seminars and can only come to one day of Track2 - $80