Montreal, Quebec June 18-19

Exact times and locations to be set.

Contact Teo Dutchevici  and Check out the LINK

MONTREAL Both Days $150 (Canadian)     Day One Only: $80        Day Two Only:Not an Option

Halifax (actually, Dartmouth) Nova Scotia June 25-26

Shubukan Uechi Ryu Dojo

475 Windmill Road

Second Floor

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,


B3B 1B2

Contact: Shane Kirk

Both Days $90 (Canadian)         Day One Only: $55         Day Two only: Not an option

unless you have attended a previous seminar.


The Seven Aspects of Self-defense, with extra time on:

.• Self defense law (because going to prison sucks)

.•Violence Dynamics (You’ve spent years learning to defend yourself...spend a day learning what you will be defending against)

.• Counter-Ambush (since you have to survive that first quarter second to access your skills)

We’ll cover the ‘usuals’ as well: fighting to the goal, efficient movement and whatever little extras seem appropriate.  I’m partial to blindfolded infighting, but it always depends on the group.


Movement on the ground

Close range striking

Power generation

Core fighting and defense

Environmental and Frisk-Fighting drills


All followed up with:

Peer-jury reviewed scenarios-- sure, you can fight your way out of the mess.  Now you get to practice justifying it in court.


Dates not yet set, but I’ll be available for some of the days before and after each seminar class for private lessons, small groups or lectures, including Conflict Communications.

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unless you have attended a previous seminar.