So, here's the deal. I'm more-or-less allergic to the idea of  organizations, lineages, and schools. Most go dark pretty quick. Tradition isn't necessarily bad, but dogma is, especially in a field where adaptability is key and the only way to foster excellence is by working with the nature of individual students.

That said, we all have an expiration date. 2019 will be my last year of intense travel and teaching. I love to play and will keep playing as long as the joints hold up, but I'm cutting way back. In the future, if you want what I do, these are the people to contact.

There are three people helping me create consistent content and refine the delivery method for the Chiron material.

Director Tammy Yard-McCracken (East)

Fierce. Smart. Skilled. I think that's a given for the whole team. Tammy is the one to brainstorm deep teaching problems with. Hyper perceptive and analytical. Her depth of understanding of the intersection of violence and normal life is unmatched.

Tammy is fully qualified to lead any of the courses in the Chiron Training syllabus. She has codeveloped several of the courses and has a few of her own. She's also probably the best  ConCom instructor available. Better than me.

Contact Dr. Yard-McCracken at:

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Director Paul DiRienzo (South)

Fierce. Smart. Skilled. Also a very fun person to hang out with. Or barbecue. Or roll. Paul has extensive experience in American jiujitsu, so he understands the InFighting skills very well. Where he really shines, though, is developing leadership in his students. You can tell a lion by his paw prints, and a teacher by his students.

Contact Paul at:

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Director Malcolm Rivers

Fierce. Smart. Skilled. Definitely sensing a pattern here. Malcolm is our token Ivy league scholar. He was raised in an interesting environment. When you absolutely need a Harvard educated former bouncer raised in gangland by a former OG turned preacher, that's when you call Malcolm. And, presonally, all of this team will call me on my bullshit, but no one does that as directly as Malcolm. You can consider him my Jiminy Crickett.

Contact Malcolm at:

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